InvestKid exist to equip and empower parents to leave a lasting legacy in their children.
InvestKid exist to equip and empower parents to leave a lasting legacy in their children.

We host Workshops for parents, grandparents, and anyone who teaches and cares for children.  Using humor and keen insight, we teach principles and practical methods for improving children's behavior and develope within them values and character.

The Workshops will help you be more confident and effective as a parent, teacher, or caregiver AND help your child be better behaved and happier! 

During our workshops you'll learn amazing simple and proven techniques for Managing Difficult Behaviors such as whining, tantrums, hitting, etc. AND for Strengthening Good Behaviors like picking up, chores, going to bed, and obeying instructions.

Meet the founders!

Workshop Leaders, Ken and Nancy Graham, are the co-founders of InvestKid. 

Ken has been a keynote speaker and workshop leader nationally and internationally, and hold degrees in Theology,    Psychology and Counseling.  His Masters of Arts in Family Counseling specialized in child development and parenting strategies.  With over 28 years experience as a pastor, counselor and motivational speaker, Ken brings a wide range of knowledge and practical experiences to the topic of effective parenting.

Nancy, Ken's wife and sidekick, recieved her BA in Elementary and Special Education, and works alongside him and loves to mentor moms coaching them to leave a lasting legacy in their children.

Join Ken and Nancy during their workshops as you laugh and learn togeher to effectively teach and raise your kids to be responsible happy adults. 

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