InvestKid exist to equip and empower parents to leave a lasting legacy in their children.
InvestKid exist to equip and empower parents to leave a lasting legacy in their children.

What attendees say about the workshop

Here's what people are saying about InvestKid.

"This workshop has changed my parenting and my home!"



"I wish I knew this information when my kids were younger. This information could actually transform generations."



"I battle with my eight-year-old son every day. Thanks for a great evening of learning about many practical tools and methods for parenting. I now have hope things can change."



"I loved the discussion about consequences.; immediate results, consistency, and clear, concise boundaries and rules. Very helpful!"



"I laughed, and I cried! As a mom of four, I came to realize how often I was actually punishing good behavior and accidently rewarding negative behavior. Game changer!"



"I enjoyed learning strategies for increasing positive behaviors. I know this knowledge will definitely be a great help."



"Thank you for sharing so many positive ways to train and discipline my children. I especially liked the part about incremental consequences and relating their consequences to their behavior and not my anger."



"I learned I was doing a lot things right but needed to be reminded about the correct way to implement Time-Out."



"Great workshop! I learned many new parenting techniques, methods and strategies. Very insightful!"



"For the sake of my kids and my sanity I finally learned how to respond rather than react to my children’s misbehavior." 

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